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By Amy Hanlon on 29 May 2024

10 Creative Ways To Use A Garden Room

Early on in my Shedlife education, a friend asked me what people use a garden room for. He was struggling with the idea that an extra garden space was necessary, and said he couldn’t see the point of building a room outside when you could do whatever you needed to in your home.

Oh, how I laughed! I knew, you see, just how important garden spaces are to the people who invest in them. They’re close enough to be convenient but removed enough to be separate from all the other things happening at home. Our Radiata Garden Rooms create unique spaces so our customers can do whatever they want to in there!

If you’re still not sure what you’d use a Garden Room for, here are ten creative ways to make the most of a luxurious, year-round space

1. Music Room

A Gillies and Mackay Radiata Garden Room with a Marshall guitar amp and a flying V guitar on top. There is a standard lamp and a sideboard in the room. There are fresh flowers in a vase on the sideboard.

Oh yes! As an amateur musician myself, I can definitely say there are times when no one else in my house wants to hear what I’m doing!

A Radiata Garden Room makes a perfect music space. The fully-insulated building keeps sound inside, and the timber lining absorbs sound waves, reducing echoes and reverberation. Whether you’re practising your tone or recording your latest creation, the timber lining will ensure your cleanest, noise-free sound.

And since musical instruments don’t always deal well with extreme changes in temperature, a Radiata Garden Room with appropriate heating provides an ideal environment for storing these precious tools. With 50mm insulation and a clever air cavity, temperature regulation is a breeze! Electronics, recording equipment, cables and instruments are all kept safe inside.

Escape to the bottom of your garden for a bespoke musical experience without any disruptions or noise. If you use a garden room to practise, compose, record, or take inspiration from your favourite artists, nobody else in your home will hear you until you’re good and ready to perform. Oh, and no one will see your air guitar faces either!

2. Artist’s Studio

A Gillies and Mackay Garden Room used as an artist's studio. There is a worktable and two easels, chairs and a small radiator. Two shelves have various pictures and art equipment on them, and there are paintings, frames and newspaper clippings on the wall.

Radiata Garden Rooms make perfect creative spaces for creative folks! The slimline aluminium double-glazed doors and windows provide oodles of natural light, perfect for painting, sketching, sculpting, carving, or whatever visual arts you enjoy.

In fact, one of G&M’s first-ever bespoke Garden Rooms was built to house an art studio. With an area of up to 12m2, a Radiata Garden Room provides ample space for a desk, easel, storage and whatever else you need to bring your artistic vision to life.

Creating beautiful art takes time and setting up and packing away materials eats into that time. Who wants to be ferrying paints from one room in your home to another when you could be capturing the ideal sweep of the sea in a gorgeous oil painting? A dedicated space for your creative endeavours gives you the freedom to leave a project whenever you need to, minus all that tiresome cleanup.

3. Home Brewing

Long gone are the days of rocket fuel home-brew, gathering dust and creating interesting odours in attics and sheds. Craft beer is big business, and rustling up an IPA at home is more accessible than ever!

And of course, a Radiata Garden Room is perfect for such a scheme. You can control the temperature and humidity within the building, and keep all your equipment out of everyone’s way. Let’s face it, brewing is a bit of a smelly business! If you can store your project in an enclosed environment that’s close but not too close, you can effortlessly produce litres of your favourite tipple.

Once your beer is ready, a Garden Room also makes a perfect tasting room. You can invite your friends and fellow-brewers along to your gorgeous outdoor space and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

4. Bird Watching

As we all know, outdoor pursuits in this part of the world very much rely on whatever the weather decides to do. But not any more!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden that’s home to a variety of birds, why not enjoy the wildlife from the comfort of a Garden Room? No more freezing temperatures, no more soggy sandwiches, and no more claustrophobic hides. With plenty of glass to observe the birds through and the luxurious surroundings of your own little hideaway, you might never go back home!

5. Home Cinema

We’ve all seen the idyllic scenes of outdoor cinemas, whether it’s a posh picnic and a classic movie, or an 80s drive-thru with the hero perched on the boot of his car. But in Scotland, sometimes you’d struggle to find a dry two-hour slot to watch an entire feature film.

So why not create your very own mini-cinema out in your garden, where you can enjoy your favourite snacks, cosy up on a couch or blanket, and watch the same film twenty times over if you like?

With enough space to accommodate a projector and screen, or an LCD TV, you can turn your Radiata Garden Room into your own viewing room, with plenty of room for friends.

6. Wine Tasting Room

A Gillies and Mackay Garden Room with a shelving unit inside. On top of the unit there is a small lamp and a selection of bottles of fruit wine from Cairn O'Mohr.
A selection of fruit wines from our neighbours at Cairn O’Mohr

Whether you’re making it or simply building a collection, a Radiata Garden Room is an excellent location for wine storage. Just like with a homebrew project, you can combine the task of collecting or making wine with the pleasure of sharing your cellar with some friends. Or maybe you’re a solo wine taster – there’s no judgment here!

Cater to both serious sommeliers and casual quaffers with your own cosy space for collecting, appreciating and (of course) sampling wine.

7. Children’s Playroom

They’re the love of your life, but also do you ever wish your children made less noise? When they pull out the twentieth toy without putting any of the first nineteen away, does it seem like it might be a good idea for them to have their own space?

A Radiata Garden room makes an excellent all-season playroom for those times when you want to know where your children are, but don’t need to supervise them directly. It can serve as a base for outdoor play and a snug indoor den for cold, rainy days.

8. Gaming Den

If watching films is a bit too passive for your tastes, a similar screen set-up is ideal for creating a gaming den. Projector and screen? Check. Mini-fridge and snacks? Check. A totally immersive gaming experience? Check!

Run a WiFi connection out to your Garden Room to enjoy uninterrupted play. You can even lock the doors to keep the real world firmly on the outside!

9. Business Use

A Gillies and Mackay Radiata Garden Room furnished as a home office.

Radiata Garden Rooms make ideal home offices, but certainly aren’t limited to office use.

Tattoo artists, dog groomers, beauticians, hairdressers, therapists, teachers, writers and personal trainers can all create peaceful working spaces without the horrors of a commute.

Working from home can feel like you’re living at work, and the space provided by a Garden Room creates a peaceful, productive space that’s clearly separated from your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about using timber buildings as workspaces we have plenty of information on this topic. Enjoying your garden while you work really is the best of both worlds.

10. Fitness Space

Maybe you’re a dedicated yogi looking for a quiet, tranquil place to lay your mat. Perhaps you’re part of the Peloton revolution. Whether you’re installing a squat rack or kitting out your space with a Pilates reformer, a Radiata Garden Room can accommodate your fitness journey.

Exercise equipment is often large and bulky, so why not set it up in your own home gym, away from the temptation to turn it into an expensive clothes hanger? You’ll never have an excuse not to work out ever again!

What should I use a Garden Room for?

The beauty of a Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Room is that you don’t have to choose just one use for the building. With a 30-year guarantee and an even longer life expectancy, you may find that your creative streak changes direction as the years pass by. Maybe your Garden Room will be an artists’ studio, then a playroom, then a yoga space, then a home for a small business. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that the building will stand firm for whatever you need it for.

If you’d like to see our Radiata Garden Rooms up close, visit our Show Area here in Errol. All four standard models are on display. Or if you’re looking for something to fit your unique needs, talk to our Team about exactly what you want from your building.

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