The Vorlich

Fancy Pents

A variation on the Rannoch, the Vorlich features everything found in her sister summerhouse, but she features a pent roof, allowing you to maximise the height of your summerhouse when it's at a boundary. This model features a small overhang at the front. This can be extended to provide a canopy and a veranda can be added to provide extra shelter – get yourself a comfy seat and you're winning.

Vorlich Specification


  • 19mm Redwood Weatherboard
  • 19mm Redwood Flooring
  • 19mm Redwood Sarking
  • 70mm x 40mm Dressed Redwood Framing
  • Steel Box Profile Roofing

Key Features:

  • 1 Set of Mortise and Tenon Glazed Doors
  • 3-Lever Lock
  • Four/Six 2' x 4' Fixed Framed Windows (depending on size)
  • Two 2' x 4' Opening Framed Windows

Front Elevation


Side Elevation


Floor Plan

Available Extras:

Depending on building type and optional modifications

  • Overhang at the front can be extended to create a canopy, and you can also add a veranda (with handrails if you choose). This provides an additional seating area and provides extra protection for the doors.
  • Add or remove fixed/opening windows
  • Cladding upgrades available
  • Insulation upgrades available
  • Steel box profile roof
  • Custom sizes available

Image Gallery

Inspiration Gallery

Check out these beauties! Here are some of the Vorlich summerhouses we've delivered for happy customers.


I am 100% satisfied with the service Gillies and Mackay provided. From the purchase to the installation - everything is first class and I am absolutely delighted with my beautiful summerhouse!

– Miss Kennedy

Buyer's Prep

You've probably got some questions about the prep work required to get ready for your summerhouse.

We've got you covered, sheddies – here's everything you need to get started.


Standard Pricing

Prices below are for our standard Vorlich sizes. Due to the pent roof this summerhouse features a steel box profile roof, which is included in the price. Further customisations are available, and we can also make custom sizes to order – book your consultation below and we'll get you on the road to the shedlife.

Size (ft)
8 x 6
2.4m x 1.8m
10 x 6
3m x 1.8m
12 x 6
3.6m x 2.4m
10 x 8
3m x 2.4m
12 x 8
3.6m x 2.4m
10 x 10
3m x 3m
12 x 10
3.6m x 3m
Custom sizes are also available on request – contact us for more information.

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