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This article is about our former summerhouse specification, which has since been replaced by our brand-new Garden Rooms (under 12m2). It's worthwhile reading, but to jump straight to learning more about the new spec, click on!

What are Gillies and Mackay Summerhouses made of?

It’s no secret that Gillies and Mackay know what they’re doing when it comes to timber buildings, but just what are our Summerhouses made of? And do you even want one?

You’re looking for that extra space, something to escape to maybe? or work in even? But the house isn’t cutting it. You’re constantly distracted and that laundry pile is not getting any smaller. We’ve been making the perfect solution for over 25 years; a gorgeous timber Summerhouse is the ideal partner for you, your book and a cup of coffee. However there are varying degrees of quality out there to choose from, so what makes Gillies and Mackay the best in the WHOLE world?

This is Scotland and our weather is horrendous so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to timber that lasts. There’s no nonsense Scandinavian Redwood used throughout our Summerhouses. If you’re looking for durability and longevity stay away from that Whitewood malarky.

Summerhouse Specification

All of the above is relative and you shouldn’t be scared to ask our competitors what they’re offering. In fact. before you come to us, I actively encourage that you do ask.

Gillies and Mackay Summerhouses are handcrafted to order, meaning they’re not stock built and lying out of square in a warehouse somewhere. Our Summerhouse is just for you! All yours. Made with passion, care and attention.

There not the cheapest mind. Starting at around £3,000.00 you can pay up to £6,000.00 depending on size and style.

Deuchny Summerhouse

Kindrogan Summerhouse

Rannoch Summerhouse

I hope that helps explain what we’re using to build our Summerhouses. If you’re hung up on terminology then read this – it’ll help explain what the craic is with cladding. However if you have any direct questions, just stick a comment in the box below and I’ll answer straight away
(yep I’m keen).

Thanks for reading. 😀

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