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By Cameron Sale on 08 Dec 2021

What Costs Are Involved In A Summerhouse Project?

At a glance 🔎…
– Summerhouses range in cost from £1000-£10,000 on average (depending on manufacturer)

It’s not just the summerhouse building cost that you need to consider but also:
– Base
– Heating
– Electrics
– Interior

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to transform your garden into a hygge haven. It’s had its fair share of laughs, a few BBQs, a party or two. But it’s time for something more; something truly charming that captivates everybody.

And a summerhouse certainly fits the bill….

However, before you get stuck into planning, there are a few things you should be aware of cost-wise.

A summerhouse is a large project, and it will require more work than just installing the building. Of course, there will be costs associated with these extra works.

In order to prevent any massive unpleasant surprises, we think it’s best to lay out the costs that will come into play when ordering a summerhouse. 

So, in this blog, we’ll help you understand not only what a summerhouse will cost, but what the associated project costs will be. That way you can budget for the entire installation, and not just the building itself.

How much does a summer house cost?

Of course, the main cost of a summerhouse project will typically be the summerhouse itself! How much your summerhouse costs is going to depend on where you buy it from, and you can buy all quality sheds from cheap as chips all the way up to £10,000.

However, a summerhouse built by a local manufacturer broadly ranges from £3,000 to £6,000, and if you’re a Scottish Sheddie, you can view some reviews of other companies below by our very own Shedi Masters Nicola and Cara:

What other costs are involved in a summerhouse?

Of course, when it comes to summerhouses, we’re not just talking about the cost of the actual building, there are other costs to consider. Some of the main things that you might want to cost up in your summerhouse include:

  • Base
  • Stove
  • Electrics
  • Interior

While these might seem supplementary, they are going to cost you and it’s worth thinking about before you embark on your summerhouse project.

What’s the cost of a summerhouse base?

Some summerhouse companies will include a base as part of the purchase, but some will ask you to arrange the groundwork/base for the building with a contractor. The base is a variable cost that you need to take into account when planning.

A good-quality summerhouse needs to go on a sturdy, solid base, which almost always presents itself in the form of a fully slabbed base

The costs of slabbed bases are massively variable. It depends on the size of the slabbed base, current site conditions and how level the site is. Plus what company you go with, and the cost of materials when you proceed (it’s insanely volatile, folks).

Because we use slabbed bases for our U12m2 Garden Rooms, we can give you a ballpark figure. But be aware that this is only a guide.

What we do know for sure, though, is that base work costs are significant enough that you ought to be aware of them before proceeding with an order for a summerhouse building.

In terms of companies that will always supply a bloody good slabbed base for you, look no further than Homescape, Gardens Galore and Tayside Gardens.

These three are tried, tested and true and always do a cracking job for our Tayside Sheddies. Due to the costs involved in a base (and these costs are justified), we would always recommend seeking a quote first for the completion of groundworks prior to doing anything drastic.

Our recommended alternative to a slabbed base is ground screws. These are galvanised steel screws which (you’ve guessed it) screw into the ground. There are pros and cons of ground screws versus a slabbed base, but for a sturdy, solid summerhouse, you need one or the other. No imitations accepted!

It’s best to know of these things before, rather than retrospectively. 

slabbed base

Brilliant, that’s the two absolute necessities out of the way. You need a summerhouse (of course) and a base, so these are essential costs that you need to budget for.

Now let’s explore some optional costs that aren’t essential to ShedLife, but are duly welcomed nonetheless.

What is the cost of a summerhouse stove?

For those who are intent on going the full shebang on the hygge haven, cosiness is key. With this in mind, there’s one thing that does the job better than others: a lovely stove.

Installing these beauties is no easy task and requires a professional. Most summerhouse manufacturers stick to what they do best and leave this sort of job to a specialist.

Our personal recommendation is the wonderful Carse County Stoves who provide a massive range of products.

Again, the price of a stove depends massively on what you are opting for, and as such is worth considering in terms of your full project. 

wood burning stove

What is the cost of summerhouse electrics?

Ah, electricity. We find that there are two types of summerhouse users: 

  • Ones that want to have their TV, laptop, and iPad in their summerhouse for kicking back and binging the newest Netflix Original.
  • Ones that are getting a summerhouse exactly to get away from those things. (PS: for Sheddies from the future, it’s Squid Game right now – remember that?!)

The vast majority of people who are installing electricity are doing it in order to have full WiFi access, a TV; all that jazz.

If that is your vision – and a good one it is – then you need to look into getting an electrician to do the work. 

If not, happy days as well! We understand that it is an important priority for multiple people. As such, we recommend accounting for its costs. 

What is the cost of designing your summerhouse interior?

A famous philosopher once said:

“There’s no point having a stove and electrics in your summerhouse if you’ve got nowhere to sit.”

(Okay, that might have been Cara, but we like to think of her as a shed philosopher, and she’s certainly famous).

Sobering stuff. Indeed, those words still ring true 2400 years later – the furnishing of your summerhouse does add up!

Whether it’s sofas, chairs, tables, laminate flooring, paint for the interior – all of these things that contribute to the look of your summerhouse quickly mount up.

We realise that the list is getting a little long. However, it’s important you Sheddies are uber-prepared in advance of beginning your wonderful project.

summerhouse interior

Ready to get your summerhouse?

So Sheddies, this should have cleared some things up. It will help you prepare for your summerhouse journey.

We hope you’re super excited. To recap, we’ve looked at 

  1. The summerhouse itself
  2. The basework involved
  3. Stoves
  4. Electricity
  5. Interior considerations. 

We understand that there are a lot of things that go into it and there’s much to consider.

But hey, if you’re going to do it, it’s worth doing it right.

It goes without saying that stoves and electricity are completely up to you. The imperative here is basework (and of course the building itself!) These are the bones of your summerhouse project.

summerhouse cost

That’s all for now folks. Cheers!

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