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By Cara Mackay on 19 Jul 2016

What to Expect from a CMA Workshop

The Content Marketing Academy is special. At the moment it’s a strong 80 something members of supernatural business women and men who come together as a collective, teaching and learning from each other everyday. There’s no barriers to entry except one; you have to be the best at what you do. Oh and actually believe it.

The way in which Chris facilitates this is by making it exceptionally easy for you to join in whatever way you feel comfortable. But that’s Chris, not me. I think you should go to a workshop first before you come in to the body of the kirk. For why? well lets take a look.

What is it all about?

In 2015 Col, my designer said; hey beautiful (or Cara, whatever) do you fancy coming along to this masterclass thing? Laura’s told me all about it; it’s Content Marketing… Like blogs and stuff  – you know selling through social media…
Huh. Can we go for pints after?

So, although I’d just finished Uni and knew all there was to ever know about Marketing – I thought I’ll at least be able to answer all the questions and look clever right? WRONG!
This guy with the beard is all up in my face telling me I need to stop selling and start listening?

Then suddenly it clicked. This punk knows what he’s talking about. This is my kind of Marketing, this is what my customers want. This is what my business deserves.

What you will learn?

Exactly, to the letter, what you need to do to become the best content producing business in your industry. Content that your customers actually want to engage with. This is without paying for it, without quick fixes and without any fakery or mistrust.

You will be told magical tales of a man and a pool company in West Virginia who made $2million dollars from one blog by doing it right. Which is exactly they way you will be taught.

You will be introduced to an abundance of additional learning from the masters who know how this shit works. Everything you need to get started will be right in front of you, all you have to do is believe in yourself.

 What you will gain?

Confidence BAYBAY! In business you’re nothing without customers who believe in you and you can only gain belief from others when you believe in yourself. So how do we start?

First: –  forget everyone else; competitors/alternatives whatever you want to call them. If you’re at this workshop you are 5  years ahead of them already purely based on the teachings you will learn.
Second:  – A chance to really nail down; what it is you do, who you are wanting to serve and how you can properly communicate your message to your core audience.
Third: –  Get ready to make some big changes. Everything you thought you knew about Marketing isn’t worth shit now. The principles you will learn in this workshop will change your entire perspective and give you so many ideas about your product/service to actually get excited about.

These three things are what it takes to start your journey. And if you do it right, really invest in the concept and the principles taught, 12 months from now you could be writing this blog telling new members; I did it and I because I did, I’ve increased my revenue month on month by 26% directly from content marketing.

Will there be wine? 

Undoubtedly my absolute favourite part of this whole community is the friends you make. There are 4 people who over the past 12 months have given me the strength to face; life changing personal circumstances, business tribulations and above all self appreciation for my own worth. These people are Col, Nicola, Pam and Laura – they are my best friends and I wouldn’t even know them if it wasn’t for CMA.

Thank you Chris.

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