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What is Eco Slate? Why are we even talking about this product? Well, it’s one of our new superstar building materials, and we’re very excited about it.

You should know by now just how much we love steel box profile roofing. We use this durable material on almost all of our buildings. But when we developed our brand new range of garden rooms, we knew that we wanted to keep the shaped buildings that had been such a popular summerhouse option. Steel isn’t an option for these buildings. 

And so the hunt began for a new roofing material. We were looking for a combination of long-lasting, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. There’s no point in building a beautiful garden room if the roofing material looks awful. But we also needed a roofing material that would stand up to the Scottish weather for just as long as our building would. 

Enter Eco Slate. This beautiful, sustainable material ticks the box in every category. Let’s take a look.

What are Eco Slates made of?

As the name suggests, this product is highly sustainable. Made from 95% recycled plastic and 5% naturally-occurring additives, Eco Slates are both recycled and recyclable. Because Eco Slates can be cut to shape easily, there’s very little waste during installation. 

How does Eco Slate compare to traditional slate roofs?

Traditional slate roofs are gorgeous, but they’re also an expensive option, with an average cost of between £160-£210 per square metre

Because slate is a specialised material, you’ll need a specialist to install a slate roof, and any repairs should be done by a roofing expert. 

While a slate roof will keep a building watertight for centuries if it’s installed and maintained properly, you’ll need that time to recoup the cost of your initial investment!

Slate roofs are also extremely heavy, and need engineered roof trusses to support their weight. While slate is a seriously durable material, it is also susceptible to impact damage.

Eco Slate is a much more affordable alternative, creating the appearance of slate for a quarter of the cost. While installing Eco Slates is a time-consuming business, it needs much less expertise than traditional slate.

In terms of maintenance, Eco Slate is fire-resistant, fade-resistant, impact-resistant, and wind-resistant up to 110mph. Added UV compounds prevent Eco Slates from becoming brittle or breakable. You’re extremely unlikely to have to replace individual slates no matter how wild the weather gets, as the slates are self-bonding. While each slate is nailed to the roof to fix it on initially, over time heat from the sun bonds the slates together to form a solid, waterproof covering. 

How long does Eco Slate last?

The slates have a 50-year guarantee, which is even longer than our seriously long-lasting steel. They’re a more durable alternative to bitumen shingles and preserve the classic, beautiful appearance of traditional slate. 

Which Gillies & Mackay buildings use Eco Slate?

We use Eco Slate as standard for The Deuchny and The Kindrogan Garden Rooms. 

However, this innovative material is also available as an additional upgrade for garages and Blackstone Garden Rooms. 

Where can I find out more about Eco Slate?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get our Eco Slate on! Beautiful, sustainable, affordable, and incredibly durable, this roofing material is worth getting excited about! 
This is just one of the features of our new Under 12m2 Garden Rooms that we can’t wait to share with you. To learn more, take a look at our Garden Room product page.

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