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What Is The Scottish Business Pledge

As you may know, back in July, Gillies and Mackay became accredited Living Wage employers. Although proud of our status, it doesn’t take much to commit- pay your employees an honest wage, simple as that.

However, because of our accreditation we were invited to join the Scottish Business Pledge. Interested to understand a bit more; we answered their questions and what do you know we are eligible to commit.

The Pledge asks you to be a living wage employer and have 2 of the following credentials already being practised in your business.

  • Living Wage
  • No Zero Hours Contracts
  • Work force Engagement
  • Youth Investment
  • Balance Workforce
  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • Community
  • Prompt Payment

Thankfully Gillies and Mackay already adhere to several of the above;

Living Wage

Although only registered in July we have been paying above the living wage for some years.

No Zero Hours Contracts

Gillies and Mackay believes that Zero Hours Contacts are morally unacceptable within modern day business. We treat our staff well; full sick pay, 30 days holiday and a biannual bonus scheme. We also make discretionary allowances for carers or compassionate leave.

Work Force Engagement

We monitor and merit our employees on a weekly basis, using a point score system for; productivity, workmanship, teamwork and time keeping. Each element has a merit rating and every 6 months each employee is awarded a bonus accordingly. We had our merit reviews last week with a very positive response. These reviews also give our employees a one to one session with their employers to discuss anything that may make their working day better.  Happy Workforce = Happy Business.

Youth Investment

We strongly support Youth Investment and currently employ 2 under 16’s who we train in sales and admin on a Saturday. Over the past 10 years we have supported 4 employees through their Joinery apprenticeship from school leaving age. Our youngest (21) now has 6 years’ experience in his position.

Gender Balance Requirement

Despite our industry, I myself am the Business Manager. Regardless of gender, I have worked (and been encouraged to) every role within the business prior to my current position. I would actively seek and more than welcome female joiner applications for employment should there become a position available.


Innovation is key within our small business; we must keep moving, adapting and bettering our company to remain competitive. We are currently seeking a Business Development Loan to help fund and create a unique buying experience for our customers. By doing so we will capture the imagination of our target market encouraging them to champion our product and in turn become advocates of the Gillies and Mackay brand.


Although this isn’t in our immediate plans we do already engage with a worldwide audience through means of our “ShedLife” blog site; Shed Experts, helping our digital community make the right decisions about their timber building needs.  There’s a dream of franchising our company across the water and it is within reach.


Gillies and Mackay have real people working for them. We are a community, a family and we all need help at some point, the help of our company. Last year we raised over £2000.00 for the MS society. Close to our own, Director John Mackay is a sufferer. We always give to local charity events and our village Gala. Our current chance sales donations are going to Down’s Syndrome Scotland in support of our employee’s nephew.

Prompt Payment

This is easy, the wonders of technology! All invoices are paid within 30 days by instant bank transfer.


So, you see it’s not that hard, it’s basically; remember your business entity is a reflection of you, as a human. Be sure to do right by the people who support you; employees, suppliers, customers and the wider community.  In turn your business will thrive, 30 years on 3rd generation for ours.

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