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Want to keep cosy in your shed or summerhouse so that you can use it all year round?

Wondering if you can install a wood-burning stove to create a little heat in your shed or summerhouse? 🔥

The short answer is YES!

You can put a wood-burning stove in your shed. Wood burning stoves are a great addition to any shed, garage, summerhouse, cabin or even greenhouse.

Generally, people think because a shed is made from timber it cannot have a wood-burning stove. Fear not, your shed will not take offence to you burning wood inside it. As long as you use the correct fittings you can have a happy stove life in your Shed.

The trick is to fit them properly!

Now that you know it’s possible to fit a wood-burning stove in your shed, let’s look at how to do it properly so you can have a safe and warm #shedlife.

How much does it cost to install a wood-burning stove in a shed or summerhouse?

A wood-burning stove in a shed/summerhouse is a great way to keep cosy. But, it might also be an option to help you save money on some heating costs.

Of course, there are some upfront costs that you will need to consider including the actual wood-burning stove. And while it might be tempting to get the parts as cheap as possible it’s important to ensure that the stove doesn’t overheat. In order to do that you need to source the right materials. 

Let’s look at what parts we recommend to ensure the safety of your small wood-burning stove and how much it will cost. 

1. Single wall/Non-Insulated Flue

This is what you’d normally expect to have on a Chiminea or outdoor stove.

If you choose this option you must ensure proper efforts are taken to fireproof the surrounding timbers, using materials such as fire bricks and fireboard.

This is considerably cheaper than an insulated flue (which we’ll cover next), and you’d expect to pay in the region of £30 – £70 depending on the length.

2. Twin wall/Insulated Flue

Ideally, you want a flue that will protect against corrosive flue gases, can be fitted internally or externally and is insulated so it stays cool on the outside.

wood burning stove in summerhouse

Expect to pay up to £200.00 for this type of flue depending on the required length.

3. The Additional Components

Ceiling support, roof brackets, joining bands, and rain cap are all extras you will need to fit the flue correctly. You may also want to consider a compatible fireproof flashing for the roof where the flue exits to avoid any leaking.

Expect to pay up to £150.00 for the additional components.

Good flue retailers will provide a planning service and fitting guidelines to suit your requirements. www.stovesonline.co.uk has an excellent website – easy to use with lots of downloadable information.

Electricity vs wood-burning Stove: what’s the best way to heat your shed/summerhouse?

The advantages of having a stove outweigh the costs of electricity ten times over. Despite the costs of the stove and installation, it won’t take long to reap the monetary benefits of burning wood instead of electricity.

Plus there’s nothing better than the warm glow from your stove and the sound of crackling wood.

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Examples of wood-burning stoves

1. Pizza ovens

Pizza Ovens are ideal for your Sheddy space.

They add heat to alfresco dining, providing you and your guests with food and warmth, perfect for Scotland!

2. Commissioned project examples

Here are two beautiful stove examples from Shed of The Year 2015 contestants.

Below is what you can expect from a commissioned build rather than a home project. A well thought out design specifically for an Author’s retreat.

[Picture Source]

This one below is an absolute personal favourite.

I love the whole up-cycled aspect of the project. If you visit www.readersshed.co.uk online you can follow the exceptional story behind this particular build.

What are the regulations for installing a wood-burning stove in your shed?

Wood-burning stove regulations are specific to each individual wood-burning stove, size, make and model.

We aren’t experts on this, so the best thing to do if you are concerned about the regulations is to get a stove fitter to fit it for you.

We recommend Carse Country Stoves. Visit their website and speak to them about any of your concerns regarding regulations for fitting wood-burning stoves.

Are you ready to get your stove on?

At Gillies and Mackay we are HUGE stove fans. We all have them! In our living rooms, greenhouses, sheds and cabins.

Stoves most definitely add value to your Shedlife experience and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

If you are thinking of installing a new shed or summerhouse, then you can speak to our team by booking a consultation and we can help you figure out whether a stove is right for you or not. 

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