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Wood vs Metal or Plastic Sheds

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Choosing a garden building to suit your needs can be a daunting task when there are so many options out there.

To make it a little easier for you when choosing which type to go with, we have created a wee guide for you.


Metal is usually mid-range in terms of cost compared to plastic and wood. It can be a preferable option to some due to being arguably the most secure build, cheaper and less of a fire hazard.

In terms of maintenance, a build of this type will need some attention to avoid detrimental damage such as rust caused by condensation and corrosion from coastal sites. Anchoring in windy locations is also advised.

Metal sheds tend to be the preferred option in hotter climates due to their durability against insect damage.

Cost – ££
Aesthetics –  Doesn’t merge with surroundings but can be painted to help
Durability – High
Maintenance – Low to Medium
Lifespan – Medium to High
Weatherproof – Can have issues from damp and high winds, also dependent on treatment
Security – High

Is it for you?

This is a good option for someone specifically wanting a durable storage option which has relatively high security and is quick to assemble. Metal is not a natural insulator so the metal option may be better suited for a shed or garage purposes.


Plastic is the cheapest option out of all the builds and is perceived as a very low maintenance option.

Rot and mould are not an issue with plastic sheds, however, they are known for becoming brittle over time. These issues are said to have been improved by some companies with the use of modern technology

Cost – £
Aesthetics – Does not blend in with surroundings easily
Durability – Low, can become brittle over time
Maintenance – Low
Lifespan – Shortest of all options, however, modern technology has improved this greatly
Weatherproof – Sun and wind can be problematic
Security – Low to Medium

Is it for you?

This is a good option for a cheap and short-term storage solution with very low maintenance. Again this is usually limited to being used for either a shed or garage.

Image source: www.garden-seat.co.uk


A timber build is generally slightly higher in initial cost and maintenance than the other options. However, it can be expected to last a lifetime with correct treatment, making it arguably the best long-term choice.

Due to timber buildings being easily insulated and customised this option allows them to be used for a variety of uses, from storage sheds to summerhouses or outdoor offices for personal use.

In terms of how weatherproof and secure the build varies from owner to owner, if they treat the build well it should see no issues. As well as this, it is easy to customise a wooden building by adding whatever security measures the owner sees fit.

Timber is susceptible to natural erosion if the proper measures are not taken, however. If you are not keen on preserving your Shed it might not be the ideal option for you. There are more expensive options of timber available (hardwood vs softwood) to alleviate the maintenance aspects of such a build.

Cost – £££
Aesthetics – Good, blends with surroundings
Durability High
Maintenance Medium
Lifespan – High
Weatherproof – Dependent on treatment
Security  Medium to High (customisable)

Is it for you?

This is a good option for a long-term build that can be used for many different needs, all year round. However, short-term it can seem quite an investment for the means required.

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