Working From Home: The Brid

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Do you long for a space to call your own? When working from home, are you constantly interrupted, distracted and frustrated by the goings on around you while you’re trying to focus your precious time on a specific task or talent? Are you, working from home?


Thought so. It’s a nightmare isn’t it? If it’s not your mother-in-law popping round for a quick chat, it’s the massive list of chores you’ve been left to do because, well, you’re at home aren’t you?

What if there was a better way? What if you had your very own ShedLife away from all the distractions and chaos of normal day activities.

Now I say ShedLife on average, 20 times a day… It’s at the very core of what I do here at Gillies and Mackay. I know exactly how it feels to have no time, to be constantly in the demand of customers, employees and children. It seems only natural to go all in on a specific design purposefully built to combat all of that and give you (and me) back the time and space we need to be AMAZING!

Over the past 3 months or so I’ve been knee deep in The Brid research and this is what I’ve come up with.

We need something that’s going to work for us instead of against us.

The priorities are: –

Warm and Dry

In a country where winter lasts 6 months – and then some, it’s safe to say we need to be kept warm and dry. Our ShedLife building will be fully Insulated with 50mm Ecotherm throughout. We will build up the wall structure with a cavity and breather membrane to combat any water ingress. We will double glaze all windows and doors and we will have electric underfloor heating to keep us extra cozy on the really bad days.

The Look

We’re going to offer 2 designs. They’re classic Gillies and Mackay styles with an added superiority. Instead of our traditional Scandinavian Redwood, we’re using to Siberian Larch. The reason for this is, it’s better. It lasts longer and aesthetically, once painted with Sadolin, there is no bleeding through the knots. A habit Redwood cannot shake.

We’re going to make the windows and doors in our own workshop to ensure quality is maintained and consistency of design is on brand. Because we handcraft our buildings from start to finish, you’ll know you’ve got a Gillies and Mackay and so will your neighbours #WellJel.

The Cost

This is crucial to get right. At the moment Gillies and Mackay offer 2 buildings that people buy for ShedLife. One is a Summerhouse, which is a single skinned single glazed building fit for seasonal use. Customers will modify and add to this building to make it more comfortable for all year round use. The other is a Blackstone Cabin. These buildings are fit for Building Control and follow a specification that is for much larger structures.

The Brid build is a mix of the two, a hybrid. Summerhouses average at £3000 – £4000. Blackstone Cabins start from £25,000. So what we want to do is meet in the middle. Size dependent. The 12′ x 8′ office area is £9,500.00 and the 8′ x 8′ office area is £7,000.00.

Permitted Development

We don’t want any unnecessary hassle with Planning or Building Control. We just want a beautifully handcrafted building that is more than fit for purpose. Is that too much to ask?

No pal, you’re well within your rights, ask away.

The Brid will only be available in the 2 sizes. They will comply with permitted development guidelines, meaning the only thing you need to think about is where it will go in your garden.

The Process: Who Does What?

This is where things can get complicated. Who’s responsibility is it for which part of the job? We at Gillies and Mackay have a reputation to uphold y’ken.

  • Groundworks
    These buildings will require a slabbed area. We can provide all the information and sizes you need to make this possible. Finding a handyman/woman in your area to do that for you is probably best left to word of mouth rather than us.
  • Assembly
    In Scotland we manufacture sell and assemble all our buildings. However, we don’t have an English depot so how is that going to be possible for U.K. wide orders? Don’t worry, I’ve thought of that too. These buildings will be modular. Meaning they will be very clever. Everything that can be done in the workshop will be, so when it comes to assembly it’s a very straight forward process.We will source accredited G&M joiners from your area who must meet our criteria before we will contract them to do the assembly work, of which will be guaranteed by us.
  • Electrics
    We have made this as straight forward as possible with all the channelling done so all the sparky has to do is the mains connection and the finishing. We again will source accredited G&M electricians from your area to deal with this.


And that’s pretty much it. All the other finishings like, external decorating and the internal lining is already done. You’re an Ikea order or an up-cycled desk away from your very own Brid.

We launched on July 5th 2017. We only have 30 Brids available at this introductory offer and we shut sales down on July 31st 2017. After that, it’s a case of starting a new business to go to market with The Brid as it’s own brand.

If you have any questions, you ken where to find me. 😉